About the conference

This conference allows the gathering of researchers with common interests on biology of transposable elements, including non-exhaustively molecular and cellular mechanisms, physiological impact on organisms, comparative genomics, impact on population, evolution and ecology. This 22nd edition of the CNET (Congrès National sur les Eléments Transposables #CNET2019), organised by the community of researchers working on transposable elements, will take place at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Lyon. Contributions from any field on topics related to transposable elements, including, non exhaustively, molecular and cellular biology, genetics, epigenetics, also including bioinformatics, mathematical models or physics working, on any living organisms (e.g. procaryotes, plants, yeast, insects, ciliates, vertebrates, etc). The program will include invited speakers contribution, selected oral presentations, and poster sessions to enhance discussions. Young researchers are encouraged to propose an abstract for oral presentations.

This year, following the 22nd CNET, we are organizing a two half-day conference: MobilET Bioinformatics days.

The MobilET Bioinformatics day (#MBdays) answers to the strong requirement from the Bioinformatics community (Informaticians, Mathematicians and Biologists) working on the detection, annotation and analysis of the Mobile Genetic Elements, to meet and exchange in order to propose solutions facing the technological advances in sequencing. MBdays will gather about 20 bioinformaticians and will be open-access to anybobdy. MBdays will be held during two half-day sessions. On Wednesday, July 10 afternoon, presentations of 25 mn each will be done by invited speakers (see program of the satellite meeting). Presentations are subdivided into two sessions: "Algorithms, Tools and DataBases" and "Large Scale Data Analyzes". On Thursday, July 11 morning, we will be helding a debate about the good practices of Mobile Genetic Elements analyzes.

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